Friday, 19th September 2014.

Posted on Tuesday, 8th July 2014

Summer Camp Week 1 14th -16th July is now full !
We still have a few places left for the following weeks
Week 2 – 21st -23rd July
Week 3 – 28th – 30th July
Week 4 – 11th -13th Aug
Week 5 – 18th -20th Aug

Camps suitable for any one born 2009 (turning 5 this year) or older – up to sixth class.
Open to members & non members
Please click on the camp brochure on th eright hand side of the page for further details

Posted on Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Adjustments for training over the next few days

Monday 23rd June
Rehearsal Display 3 & 4 (except Junior Gym) as advised on previous post
Junior gym – rehearsal at 2.30pm for Mon, Tues & Fri Junior Gym gymnasts
Ash, Cedar, Lilacs, Orchids & Marigolds train 3.30 -8.30
Tuesday 24th June 3.30-5.30
Buttercups, Pansies & Bamboo – as normal 5.30 -7.30
Rehearsal Display 5 (as per post re rehearsals)
7.30-9pm Teen gym as normal
Wednesday 25th June Adjustments/class times to be confirmed
Thursday 26th June
Parent & Toddler as normal
2.30 -Junior Gym rehearsal for Wed & Thurs Junior gymnasts
Display 1 – 7pm
Friday 27th June Display 2- 7pm – (no other classes on Friday)
Sat 28th June
Display 3  – 2.30pm
Display 4  -4.30pm
Display 5 – 7pm
(no other classes on Saturday)
If you are unclear on any of the above please email

Posted on Wednesday, 18th June 2014

It is very important that gymnast attend the rehearsal of the display(s) they are taking part in.
There are also adjustmenst to training sessions over the next few days please see seperate post

Display 1 – Sunday 22nd June  – 10 am -12pm

Display 2 – Sunday 22nd June -  12.30pm – 2.30pm

Display 3 -Monday 23rd June -   3.00pm – 5.00pm (except Junior Gym gymnasts…)

Display 4 -Monday 23rd June -  5.30pm -7.00pm (except Junior Gym gymnasts)

Display 5 -Tuesday 24th June – 5.30-7.30pm.

Junior Gym rehearsal for Mon, Tues & Fri Junior Gym gymnasts will take place at 2.30pm on Monday

Junior Gym rehearsal for Wed & Thurs Junior Gym gymnasts will take place at 2.30pm on Thursday.

If you are unclear on any of the above please email

Thank you

Posted on Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Re-registration for term commencing September 2014.

This week all of our current members should have received details by email regarding re-registering for our next term commencing in September 2014.
If you have not received details please email us on and we will resend.

We are asking that all current members re-register by Wed 16th July. We will then be allocating space to those on our waiting list after this date.

Registration is only for current members at the moment.

To place a child on our waiting list please visit our new members section here on ur website.
Thank you

Posted on Thursday, 5th June 2014

We are saddened to learn of the recent passing of our former colleague, Mr. Stuart Rees in his home nation of South Africa.  Stuart was chairperson of Douglas Gymnastics Club from 2004 to 2006 and oversaw an important development period of our club.   We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to coach Olly, and the entire Rees family at this difficult time.

Posted on Friday, 30th May 2014

bank holiday


Reminder- No Gymnastics this weekend – all back to normal on Tuesday

Posted on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

This year we will be holding 5 displays. This is to ensure each of our gymnasts get the opportunity to show off some of the skills they have learnt during the year.
Display 1 -Thurs 26th June – 7pm
Display 2 – Fri 27th June – 7pm
Display 3 -Sat 28th June -2.30pm
Display 4 -Sat 28th June -4.30pm
Display 5 -Sat 28th June -7pm
(Gymnast will need to be in the gym 15 mins before the start time of the display – no earlier !! As there will be no access to the gym for parents or gymnast until this time. )

List of participants of each display below – please make sure you look through carefully to make sure you know which display your child will particpate in.
Please also make sure all gymnast have the correct club uniform.

DISPLAY 1 – Thursday 26th June -7pm
Wed 3.00-4.00, – Rec Girls -Stars
Wed 4.00-5.00, – Rec Girls -Circles, Stripes

Wed 5.00-6.00,   – Rec Girls  – Cubes, Diamonds

Wed 6.00-7.00,   – Rec Girls  -Rectangles, Pyramids, Ovals

Thurs 3.30 -4.30, – Rec Girls – Apples, Oranges, Bananas.
Advanced Girls, – Daisies, Daffodils, Marigolds, Lilacs, Orchids.
Advanced Boys, -Oak, Pine, Ash, Cedar

DISPLAY 2 – Friday 27th June – 7pm
Sat 10.00-11.00, -Rec Girls -Light Blue, Pink, Brown, Green.
Sat 10.00-11.00, -Rec Boys – Orange
Fri 5.30-6.30, -Rec Girls -Bears, Giraffes.
Fri 5.30-6.30, -Rec Boys Crocodiles.
Fri 6.00-7.00, -Rec Girls -Cheetahs
Fri 6.00-7.00, -Rec Boys -Leopards
Fri 6.30-7.30, -Rec Girls -Koalas, Kangaroos
Fri 6.30-7.30, -Rec Boys -Wolves.
Advanced Girls, -Tulips, Roses, Bluebells, Primroses, Poppies, Snowdrops, Lilacs, Orchids.
Advanced Boys, -Ash, Cedar.

DISPLAY 3 – Saturday 28th June -2.30pm
Mon 2.30-3.15, -Junior Gym Class
Tues 1.30-2.15, -Junior Gym Class
Tues 2.30-3.15, -Junior Gym Class
Fri 2.30 -3.15, -Junior Gym Class
Fri 2.30-3.30, -Junior Gym Class
Fri 4.30 -5.30, -Rec Girls -Lions, Snakes
Fri 4.30 -5.30, -Rec Boys – Monkeys.
Fri 5.00-6.00, -Rec Girls -Elephants, Butterflies
Fri 5.00-6.00, -Rec Boys – Tigers.
Advanced Girls -Sunflowers, Poppies, Snowdrops, Lilacs, Orchids.
Advanced Boys -Ash, Cedar.

DISPLAY 4 – Saturday 28th June -4.30pm
Wed 1.00-1.45, -Junior Gym Class
Wed 2.00-2.45, -Junior Gym Class
Thurs 1.30-2.15, -Junior Gym Class
Thurs 2.30 -3.15, -Junior Gym Class
Sat 9.30 -10.30, – Rec Girls – Purple, Red, Blue, Gold
Sat 9.30 -10.30, -Rec Boys -Black.
Advanced Girls -Buttercups, Pansies, Lilacs, Orchids.
Advanced Boys -Willow, Bamboo, Ash, Cedar

DISPLAY 5 – Saturday 28th June – 7pm
Sat 10.45-11.45, – Rec Girls – Peach, White, Dark Green & Yellow.
Sat 11.15-12.15, – Rec Girls – Ruby, Cream.
Sat 12.00-1.00, – Rec Girls -Emerald, Lemon.
Sat 12.00-1.30, – Rec Girls -Turquoise, Cerise, Bronze.
Sat 12.00-1.30, – Rec Boys – Grey
Wed 5.00-6.00, – Rec Boys -Cones

Sat 10.45 -11.45, – Rec Boys – Chocolate
Tues & Thurs, – Teen Gym
Advanced Girls, – Poppies, Snowdrops, Lilacs, Orchids
Advanced Boys, – Ash, Cedar, Beech

UNIFORM -(all gymnast must have club uniform as set out below for the display)

Junior Gymnasts – White Club T-shirt & black shorts/ leggings or tracksuit ends.(girls may wear club leotard but not necessary)

Recreational Girls – Black Club leotard

Recreational Boys – White Club T-shirt & Black club shorts.

Teen Gym – to be confirmed by coaches.

Advanced Girls
For Sunflowers, Daisies, Tulips, Roses, Buttercups, Bluebells, Pansies -Black Club leotard.
For Primroses, Daffodils, Marigolds, Poppies, Snowdrops, Lilacs, Orchids -Club Competition Leotard.

Advanced Boys
For Willow & Bamboo – Boys Plain Black training leotard & leotard shorts.
For Oak, Pine, Beech, Ash & Cedar – Boys Competition Leotard(black, white & green) and black leotard shorts.

(Club Shop wil be open on Fri 13th June (5-7pm) & Sat 14th June (10-12pm) so uniforms can be opurchased for displays)

We will confirm rehearsal dates for displays as soon as possible.

The Display is a great opportunity for our gymnasts to show off some of the skills they have learnt during the year. We wish them well in their preparations and we hope they all enjoy taking part.

Thank you

Posted on Monday, 19th May 2014

Be sure to sign up quickly for our 2014 Summer Camps!

  • Camp 1 – Mon 14th July – Wed 16th July,
  • Camp 2 – Mon 21st July – Wed 23rd July,
  • Camp 3 – Mon 28th July – Wed 30th July,
  • Camp 4 – Mon 11th Aug – Wed 13th Aug,
  • Camp 4 – Mon 18th Aug – Wed 20th Aug,

Time – 10am -12.30pm each day
Cost – €45

More info, and application form available in our brochure:



Posted on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

The clothes shop will be open this Friday (16th) 5-7pm & Sat (17th) 10-12pm.
This is open in the room upstairs in the gym – next to the parents room.

Posted on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Girls Invitational Competition – Sunday 18th May Competition 1 Be at the gym for 9.50am Commences at 10am (due to finish at 2.15 approx) Gymnasts to be at the gym for 9.50am – please do not arrive earlier then this ( there is no need to ) as we will not be allowing anyone in until this time
Reminder – all gymnasts need club leotards and club tracksuts. Please have hair tied up neatly. … 10am
Abbie Owens                   Laura O’Brien
Abby Kingston                Laura Whelan
Aisling Cassidy               Lauren Looney
Aisling Dorgan                Leah Barrett
Aisling O’Mahony          Lexie Harris
Alannah Murphy            Lilly Nolan
Amy Noonan                   Lola Barry
Aoibheann O’Connell    Lucy Buckley
Ava Hayes                        Meabh O’Halloran
Ava O’Callaghan             Meg Ryan
Brianna Lynch                Megan Barry
Catriona Howells           Megan O’Sullivan
Chloe Gash                      Millie O’Sullivan
Chloe Myers                    Muireann McHale
Cliodhna Trindle            Nicola Wojnowska
Egle Zaveckyte                Orla Clifford
Elena Murray                 Orla O’Driscoll
Ellen Noonan                 Orna O’Sulllivan
Erin O’Brien                  Rebecca Akinkuolie
Faye O’Connell              Rianna Farmer
Fiona Buckley                Sadhbh Humphreys
Gaby O’Sullivan            Saorla McHale
Indira Leahy Maharaj  Sarah Daly
Isabel Lynch                   Sarah Dorgan
Isabel Sheridan             Sheena Buckley
Kate Whelton                Sophie Cantwell
Katie O’Brien                Sophie Guiney
Katie Wilson                 Tara Cronin
Kellie Walker                Taylor Moore
Kenzie Adams               Teaghan O’Connell
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