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DISPLAYS – Thurs 15th June – Sat 18th June
Participants in Each Display
Display 1 – Thursday 15th June @ 7pm
Friday 5pm Rec Girls Rabbits & Cats
Friday 5pm Rec Boys Dogs & Horses
Fri 5.30pm Rec Girls Hares, Badgers & Foxes
Sun 11.15pm Rec Girls Group 6, Group 7, Group 8
Sun 11.15pm Rec Boys Group 9 & Group 10
Tues 4.30pm Rec Girls Neptune & Venus
Thurs 4.30pm Rec Girls Kiwi & Bananas
Advanced Girls Orchids, Poppies & Daffodils
Advanced Boys Cedar & Oak
Display 2 – Friday 16th June @ 7pm
Tues 1.30pm Junior Gym
Tues 2.30pm Junior Gym
Wed 3pm Rec Girls Crescents & Waves
Wed 3pm Rec Boys Spirals & Zig-zags
Wed 5.15pm Rec Girls Circles, Rectangles & Ovals
Advanced Girls All Buttercup groups, Snowdrops, Pansies, Violets, Orchids, Poppies, Daffodils
Advanced Boys Ash, Bamboo, Cedar & Oak
Floor -Display squad DGC Recruits
Display 3 – Saturday 17th June @ 2.30pm
Fri 1.30pm Junior Gym
Fri 2.30pm Junior Gym
Sat 11.15am Rec. Girls Purple, Silver & Gold
Sat 11.15am Rec. Boys Black
Wed 6.30pm Rec Girls Cubes & Diamonds
Wed 6.30pm Rec Boys Pyramids & Squares
Advanced Girls Daisies 1 (sat 2-4pm groups) , Snowdrops, Pansies & Violets
Advanced Boys Beech, Cedar & Oak
Display 4 – Saturday 17th June @ 5pm
Wed 1pm Junior Gym
Wed 2pm Junior Gym
Thurs 3.30pm Rec Girls Lemons, Apples, Pears, Grapes & Melons
Wed 4pm Rec Girls Stripes, Cylinders & Stars
Wed 4pm Rec Boys Triangles
Sun 12.30pm Rec Girls Group 11, Group 12, Group 13
Sun 12.30pm Rec Boys Group 15
Advanced Girls Sunflowers, Snowdrops, Pansies & Violets
Advanced Boys Cedar & Oak
Display 5 – Saturday 17th June @7pm
Sat 10am Rec Girls Green, Red, Yellow
Sat 10am Rec Boys Blue
Tues 3.30pm Rec Girls Saturn, Pluto & Mars
Sat 1pm Rec Girls Light Green, Turquoise, Peach
Sat 1pm Rec Boys Grey
Advanced Girls Tulips & Roses, Snowdrops,Pansies & Violets
Advanced Boys Cedar & Oak
Display 6 – Sunday 18th June @ 11am
Mon 1.30pm Junior Gym
Mon 2.30pm Junior Gym
Sun 10am Rec Girls Group 1, Group 2, Group 3
Sun 10am Rec Boys Group 4 & Group 5
Fri 6.15pm Rec Girls Elephants & Giraffes
Fri 6.15pm Rec Boys Lions & Tigers
Advanced Girls Daisies 2 (Sat 3-5.30pm groups), Lilacs & Marigolds, Orchids, Poppies & Daffodils
Advanced Boys Ash & Bamboo
Display 7 – Sunday 18th June @ 1pm
Mon 3.30pm Rec Girls Eagles, Owls & Peacocks.
Mon 3.30pm Rec Boys Crows.
Sat 11.45am Rec Girls White, Navy, Dark Green
Sat 11.45am Rec Boys Chocolate
Fri 6.45pm Rec Girls Cheetahs, Bears & Monkeys
Fri 7.30pm Rec Girls Kangaroos & Koalas
Fri 7.30pm Rec Boys Leopards
Advanced Girls Orchids, Poppies & Dafodils
Advanced Boys Elm 1 & 2, Ash & Bamboo
Floor -Display squad DGC Recruits
Display 8 – Sunday 18th June @3pm
Thurs 1.30pm Junior Gym
Thurs 2.30pm Junior Gym
Sat 10.30am Rec Girls Light Blue, Brown, Pink
Sat 10.30am Rec Boys Orange
Mon 4.30pm Rec Girls Hawks & Swans
Sat 12.30pm Rec Girls Lemon, Light Pink, Ruby & Cream
Advanced Girls Bluebells, Primroses, Orchids, Poppies & Daffodils
Advanced Boys Ash & Bamboo
·         No scheduled classes will take place Thurs 15th, Fri 16th, Sat 17th & Sun 18th – due to various displays taking place.